Friday, February 10, 2012

Expanding web

Recently my poly web expanded as I started dating someone who has been a part of my family for quite some time on a friendship-love level. We have known for awhile, almost from the time we have known each other, that we wanted to date, and we always kind of assumed that we would, but life, relationships, and circumstances kept giving us reasons to not go forward.

In the last few weeks the two of us—separately and simultaneously—came to the same decision: if we didn’t go forward and explore our possible romance soon we would forever be in friend territory, and this is something that neither of us want.

Well, let me explain. We would both be happy to be friends for the rest of our lives, and if this whole romantic love thing doesn’t work out the plan is to remain friends—but we feel as if there is a deeper attraction here and we want to explore it.

So, we decided to go for it. The first step was talking to all of the people in our separate poly groups to see if they had any misgivings. She and I both have primary relationships and we do not want to risk those relationships. Everyone has known all along that she and I want to date, but the abstract idea of “maybe someday” is much different than the reality of “next Tuesday.” Thankfully for us, all involved gave the go ahead and the first date of Indian food and bingo was planned (unconventional, sure—but fun as hell!). 

While this was happening my two existing partners both started exploring possible outside relationships--which I am quite sure I will be writing more about in the coming weeks.

I don’t know where it all will go yet, but I am hopeful, and excited, and ready for this next phase.

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