Friday, October 21, 2011

A bit about crushes

I love crushes. I mean I really, really love them. I usually have a few, or a few dozen, going at any given time. I love them so much that my life feels a bit empty if they are not present because the energy they bring is definitely missed.

I have two types of crushes—there is the casual crush that is usually directed toward the guy I see across the commons at lunch or the girl who makes my tea at Starbucks. They are fun little in-the-moment bits of fantasy. Occasionally these crushes turn into friendships because when I am attracted to someone I usually find a way to speak with them. Sometimes the crush doesn’t survive the friendship, but every once in awhile it becomes something more—it grows up and becomes a full-fledged Crush.

A Crush is friendship with a side of possibility that need never be fulfilled. A Crush isn’t about sex, it is about feeling the energy coming off of someone and having it mesh so well with your own that you just know that this is something different—that this person will be special in your life, even if it is only for a short time.

At the moment I probably have a dozen or so crushes—including a few long standing ones on celebrities (David Tennant, anyone?) I also have several Crushes--one or two of which will probably exist as long as I do.

My C/crushes are not specific to gender or orientation, and they care nothing for age or physical appearance.  There are some basic traits that I could point to that make them more likely to occur, but I have crushed on men twenty years younger than me and men 30 years older. I have crushed on girls who feed me geeky puppy energy and butches who make me quiver. There is just no telling what part of a person is going to speak to me. I like it that way because it means that every new person I meet has Crush potential.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful attitude toward crushes! Crushes are a great deal of fun, lending your emotions a little harmless buzz and adding a touch of light adoration to your day.

Thank you for writing such a delightful post!

Unknown said...

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it :-)