Friday, October 7, 2011

Personal Boundaries

Anyone who has seen me at a party knows that I am usually bouncy, and happy, and goofy--I am there to have a good time, and my inner Pixie is an attention whore, so unless I am engaged in activity, I am friendly, and flirty, and happy to touch and be touched. I do have at least one major personal boundary issue, however--the penis hug. I am instantly squicked when a man I have just met moves in, without permission, and proceeds to hug me with his WHOLE body.

I don't have a problem with most people, and I am not completely opposed to some form of physical contact with men I have just met. If I meet a man for the first time and he offers a quick hug I am good--I like contact, and I like the feel of another human being. What I have a problem with are those times when you can just feel the predatory energy coming off of someone--and rubbing your cock against my leg or hip during our first contact screams predatory.

The quickest way to pull a negative reaction from me is to be the type of man who invades my personal space before you have gotten to know me, or before I have indicated that such closeness is both allowed and welcomed. Most men that I meet at parties are respectful, and mindful of personal space, and do get permission before moving in, but every once in awhile a guy comes along who moves in and gets way too close in a way that is obviously meant to be manly, and intimidating, and make the subservient little woman in me quiver.

I am not entirely sure what the thinking is, but it is not "manly" to force a woman to back up to get away from you, nor is it sexy to have her skin crawl because a strange man is touching her in a way that is far too familiar.

This behavior will not get you laid (or respected, or even liked).

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