Friday, April 27, 2012

Ok Cupid Experiment

So—I recently tried this Ok Cupid thing. Quite a few of my friends use it, so I was aware of its existence, but I didn’t take the plunge myself until I was sitting around at 2:00 a.m. and drinking wine with a friend not long after the last break-up. He suggested it—mostly so he could see what my answers to the questions would be—and I was feeling just silly enough to go for it.

Here is my experience in the first few weeks:

First, those questions are addicting. I think I have answered about 600 of them--it became somewhat like a video game as I worked to get my match percentage higher. Right now there is a guy in Oregon who is a 99.85% match (call me!).

I have been contacted by quite a few people (I would say it is probably about an 80/20 male/female ratio), and for the most part they have been positive.

Of course there have been a few less-than-promising emails (little tip—do not send a message to a woman you don’t know and open with “hello, princess”), but there have also been some great conversations, and a few pleasant hours spent over dinner and window shopping, and a couple of possible somethings.

I am finding that there are a great many intelligent, fun, geeky, attractive, and slightly odd men in the Cleveland area (who knew?).

It also turns out that quite a few of the people I have already played with and/or fucked are listed as my possible matches, so I guess my choices have been validated. lol

The bottom line is that I my experience has been pleasant enough that I will happily continue to log in and answer questions, and emails, and see where it all leads.


Lola said...

Just found your blog. I'm enjoying it. Maybe you'll like ours too:



Lazy-ninja said...

I have over all been pretty pleased with OkC.

I have the advantage of being male, which I think cuts out some of the creepy emails (although listing as Bi, means I still get some creepy emails from both men and women)

as I said, over all positive.